Sweet Corn Daze

Tough Kid Contest

Sponsored by:
Fistler Chiropractic
Total BodyWorks
Nick Hildreth Memorial Clinic
Shaver Ag Services
Pull Ups –Feed Bag Carry – Tire Flip
 Speed throwing – Golf Cart Pushing
Registration time is 11:30 to 12:30 –
in front of the library during Sweet Corn Daze

Contest time is 1:00 on the West side of the square. 
Open to Tough Kids - Boys & Girls - in the following age groups:
  Age 10 to 11
  Age 12 to 13
  Age 14 to 16
  Age 17 to 18

Prizes Awarded: Rockwell City Scrip

Registration form signed by Parent Required
Download form or complete at registration.