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Calhoun County Farmers' Market on the Square
The Calhoun Co. Farmers Market is located on the city square in Rockwell City.


1.The normal sale times will be 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays beginning June 7th and running through September 27th ; for a total of 16 weeks. 

2.Stall rental fees are NO FEE for 2018. All Vendors will register with the market manager. 

3.All produce sold must be grown in the state of Iowa.

4.The market manager or their designee has the right to question where produce is grown; the location and by whom it is grown, and will have the right to contact that person if so desired.

5.Products that cannot be sold include canned fruits and vegetables, homemade butter, raw milk, meat or meat products, relish, custard and cream pies, out-of-state or shipped-in produce.

6.Any produce sold by weight directly to a customer must be on a certified scale that carries a certification seal. Otherwise, the weighing may be done ahead of time or away from the sales table. Another alternative is to not sell by weight.

7.Vendors will keep their space clean during the market day and leave it clean at the end of the day.

8.Food items must be displayed off the ground by one (1) foot. This includes food in baskets or boxes.

9.Products that may be sold include fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, honey, jams, or jellies. Eggs may be sold if they are clean, candled, wholesome and fresh and kept at 45 degrees. Baked goods may be sold if they are labeled with name and address of maker, labeled with a list of ingredients, and are properly wrapped.

10.Homemade crafts may be sold at the market. This is for people that make these craft items themselves. Items for resale or used items will not to be accepted at the market.

11.No pets, cats, dogs, birds or any other animals are permitted in the market area.

12.The market manager should be consulted if a problem arises. The manager’s decision will be honored.

13.Each vendor must sign a contamination affidavit stating that all products offered for sale are free of contamination from chemical residues and bacterial sources. Pesticide use is to be in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Iowa Department of Agriculture.

14.Customers may not buy or sack produce for themselves ahead of the designated start time, nor may vendors sell or sack produce for specific customers ahead of time.