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Rockwell City Chamber & Development
Call us today at 712-297-8874
2 Gallon Crock 
2 Gallon Crock 

Opposite side has a ‘2 / Wing / Oval’ decoration = $99.95
The Rockwell City Chamber is now taking orders for official “Rockwell City Crocks.” 
These are collectable items and will be a numbered item making them even more collectable. 
These custom logo'ed Red Wing Crocks are being made just for Rockwell City. 
The crocks will make a unique gift for your holiday gift giving.  

Place your order by September 15, 2017 for delivery in December. 

FINAL order date is September 15!
Crocks are on display at Draperies Plus in Rockwell City until September 15. 

Payment at time of order is necessary by check. 
Order forms are available at Draperies Plus, the Chamber Office or online here.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will enhance future RC Chamber projects and Sweet Corn Daze. 

High quality collector Crocks, hand numbered
Rockwell City Chamber & Development Crocks
1 Gallon Crock 
1 Gallon Crock  with Bail Handles

Opposite side has a ‘1 / Wing / Oval’ decoration = $99.95
Cream Can Utensil Holder Crock 
Cream Can Utensil Holder

Opposite side has a ‘Wing / Oval’ decoration = $39.95
1/2 Gallon Crock with Lid
1/2 Gallon Crock with Lid

Opposite side has  ‘Red Wing Stoneware/ Wing’ decoration = $59.95
Quart Beater Jar Crock
Quart Beater Jar Crock

Opposite side has  ‘Red Wing Beater Jar’ decoration = $49.95
Standard Bread Baker Crock
Standard Bread Baker Crock

Opposite side has  ‘Wing’ decoration = $34.95