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Tallest Corn Stalk Growing Contest
Interested in learning more?
Contest Rules:
1.Pick up your Free 5 Gallon Bucket at Webb’s Feed, Inc. 
               617 N 1st St., Rockwell City by May 1st, 2018
    •One bucket per family (first come basis)
    •Bucket from Webb’s Feed is REQUIRED
    •Limited to 50 total entries

2.Plant your corn in the bucket and watch it grow
    •Use your choice of corn seed – 
            osweet corn
            ofield corn
            oIndian corn
            oany brand 
            oany breed
    •Enhance growing conditions as you see fit
    •Enhance the beauty of your bucket/entry

3.Bring your “Bucket of Corn” to the Courthouse Square on August 1 at 1:00 for numbering and placement

People Choice Award Voting takes place August 1 through noon on Sweet Corn Daze, August 4
    •All Buckets will be numbered for Voting purposes

Prize Categories

• Tallest Stalk of Corn - 
        $50 in Rockwell City Scrip 
                     & Trophy
• Best Dressed Bucket of Corn - 
        $50 in Rockwell City Scrip 
                     & Trophy
• People’s Choice Award - 
        $50 in Rockwell City Scrip 
                     & Trophy

This Sweet Corn Daze Event Sponsored by:

Webb's Feed Inc. 
617 N 1st Street
Rockwell City, Iowa
Phone: 712-297-8921