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Rockwell City Chamber & Development
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About Rockwell City Chamber & Development
Rockwell City is located in the heart of Calhoun County which is situated in northwest/central Iowa. 
An agricultural community, Rockwell City is home to 1,709 residents as of the 2010 Census.

The Rockwell City students attend South Central Calhoun School District where the elementary and middle schools are in Rockwell City and the high school is located in Lake City, Iowa. 
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President: Sara Gaffney

Sara has been President of the Chamber since January 2016. The owner/operator of Draperies Plus of Rockwell City, Sara is a community leader.

Vice President: Tommy Campbell

Tommy serves as Vice President of the Chamber. He is the lead salesperson at Champion Chrysler Center in Rockwell City.

Administrative Director: Theresa Hildreth

Theresa has been the Administrative Director of the Rockwell City Chamber & Development Office since May 2012. She also serves as the office manager of Martin Hildreth Company, Inc. and is involved in a number of activities in Rockwell City.
Rockwell City Chamber & Development Mission Statement: 
To organize, promote and facilitate industrial, commercial and professional businesses to improve the quality of life in the Rockwell City area and to lead and direct beneficial community projects.

1.Increase membership and community-wide involvement. Review Chamber and Development membership, membership potential and membership benefits.
2.Coordinate, work with and support activities and projects for Community Revitalization. 
3.Promote the Rockwell City community, existing and potential businesses and industry by sponsoring Retail and Town and Country Promotions. 
4.Promote the Rockwell City community, existing and potential businesses and industry by updating and adding to the current website. 
5.Support and assist clubs, service groups and organizations that work toward the betterment of the Rockwell City community.